No garment is more beloved – or more prominently visible – than your favorite cap. After the Hawaiian shirt, is there a more iconic American souvenir? No! Well, perhaps the deep-fried Oreo, but those don’t travel well…

The history of caps in the United States is wed to our country’s favorite pastime. The predecessor of today’s cap was fashioned for baseball players beginning in the mid-1800s. The earliest iterations were made of wool, with a floppy, flat crown and short, leather brim.

If you were to rapidly flip through images of ballcaps over the next 100 years – like a time lapse of a plant growing – you would see the evolution of the ballcap’s shape. The crown would blossom before your eyes, growing increasingly deep and structured, while the brim would protrude farther and farther like a limb searching for light.

Today’s ballcap is no longer confined to baseball diamonds – it is ubiquitous and cherished in American culture. When you were a teenager, perhaps your love interest flirted by snatching it off your head and wearing it. Lucky caps are passed down in families. Salt stains from sweat grow up the sides like contour maps. Eyelets tarnish and leave rust stains. The older the better, as a well-worn cap becomes a point of pride.

We are obsessive about caps and we have carefully considered all of the subtle cues that separate the ordinary from the great. Take the shape of the crown as an example. How tall is it? How upright is the angle from the brim? How does it crumple over time based on the fabric and crown support?

We endeavored to design your new favorite cap with a collection that will improve with age,replete with details that will make you smile for years to come.

Here’s to your new favorite cap!