Miranda Boucher x Tombolo

Describe the moment you first decided to become an artist? 

Growing up with two arty parents- a curator and  art historian- I was dragged around museums from a young age and surrounded by piles of art books at home, so I think I naturally wanted to do something creative. 
I do remember seeing an exhibition on Penguin book covers at the Barbican at a young age and hearing about graphic design for the first time and realising it was a style of art- that blew my mind. It was what I had been looking for without being able to articulate it.

Describe your artistic practice. 

I collect a lot of images to use as references, I usually create a mood board and think about what I want the end piece to look like. I work mainly on the computer in illustrator and photoshop so I can play around with scale and placement of the elements, piecing them together like a jigsaw.

Where do you go to seek inspiration? 

Everywhere! I see patterns and shapes in everything now. Exhibitions, books, Instagram, online, the street, shops, friends. 

Probably my biggest inspiration is working with vintage textile prints, seeing how different artists interpret the world around them. How people draw in such different ways and create artworks you would never think of.  



Who is your biggest artist crush, living or dead? 

Georgia O’keeffe. I’m obsessed, I saw her recent show at Tate modern several times and am dreaming of going to New Mexico to visit her home. I love her colours, her style, and that she was such a strong woman but still very feminine.



Where is your favorite place to go out in London for drinks?  

Trisha's is Soho- a small downstairs bar on Greek St that's been there forever and hosted some wild nights out

What’s your favorite restaurant in London?

The Delaunay for people watching, Silk Road in Camberwell for dumplings and beer and Brunswick House for delicious food and cocktails surrounded by antiques and good memories 

What’s the best way for a tourist to see the real London? 

My great friend Sonya recently wrote a beautiful guide book called an opinionated guide to east London 

It’s full of gems, I’m working my way through it.

When she got the commission she sent out a group email will all the places she was going to and asked who wanted to come to what. I think this is a great idea for life in general, I’m going to make a list of places to go and invite everyone to come along.

What’s something you can experience in London that you can’t experience anywhere else? 

People endlessly apologising for everything. A proper cup of tea (the water makes it taste different). A great cockney accent.

Where can people see more of your artwork?

I usually work freelance and get commissions from lots of different people so it’s all over the place. I have a few projects that are just about to come out which I’m really excited about. I’m also working on a home wear and clothing collection so hopefully that will be up on my website www.boucherstudio.com soon.