Sales and Marketing Summer Associate

(Part-Time or Full-Time) (Manhattan)

Job Overview 

We are looking for help executing and expanding on the sales, marketing and physical retailing pursuits for two new retail apparel brands: Tombolo, a unisex tropical shirt company with an irreverent, escapist aesthetic, and Quaker Marine Supply (‘QMS’), a 60-year-old nautical menswear brand that was re-imagined and re-launched by veteran retailer Kevin McLaughlin (founder of J. McLaughlin). Both companies launched in 2018 and share an office in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. They recently shared a holiday pop-up store on Bleecker St. (*Full description of both companies at bottom).  

This is a paid position based in New York City that could be structured as a freelance part-time role or full-time. You’ll mostly work out of our summer pop-up store in Manhattan 

As our Sales and Marketing Associate, you will have a flexible, entrepreneurial role supporting all pursuits that can drive sales and exposure across both brands. A core responsibility will be anchoring our brick-and-mortar presence by helping manage our flagship summer store in Manhattan which will often double as your office. You will work alongside the founders, assisting with longer-term strategy planning with ample autonomy and authority. You will experience a start-up/fashion/retail environment firsthand and you’ll come away with expertise in building a best-in-class brick-and-mortar experience, understanding the omni-channel marketing landscape, and building a consumer brand in a start-up context. 

You must... 

be a proactive self-starter who is willing to commit to flexible hours (weekends are often the most strategic and valuable time of the week for sales and retail) 

...have a knack for brick-and-mortar retailing and hospitality 

...have a deep understanding of social media and the evolving digital landscape   

You ideally... 

...have a knack for unlocking marketing arbitrage—opportunities to bring exposure to Tombolo and Quaker Marine Supply Co. that exceeds the costs 

...have marketing experience 

...have retail experience 

have a business background / experience 

…have PR experience 

...have adequate photoshop and design skills. Ability to repurpose and reimagine visual assets (on-model and product photography) and adapt them for digital content, promotional materials, advertising and PR campaigns, etc. 

a passion for clothing and product design 

…a passion for start-ups and entrepreneurship  

...can travel (e.g. for a trunk show on Nantucket, or a one-week pop-up store out in Montauk) 

Structure / Responsibilities 

The structure and responsibilities are flexible and we’ll adapt them to best suit the candidate’s strengths. Generally, we will pursue the following delineation between a part-time and full-time hire:  

Part-time (e.g. ‘Sales and Marketing Intern’):  Responsibilities center on your role as a retail associate in our summer pop-up. You will help in all facets of the store (e.g., store design/merchandizing, inventory management, sales/hospitality, cashier, etc). Weekends between the hours of 11am and 8pm are the most strategically important time for your assistance. This role will also include fulfillment/inventory/customer service responsibilities for online sales. 

Full-time (e.g., ‘Sales and Marketing Manager’): In addition to the responsibilities described above, a full-time job will encompass a wider scope of work (e.g., utilizing your marketing/entrepreneurial skills, digital marketing/social media responsibilities) and you will serve in a managerial role in the pop-up store with more P&L authority/autonomy. Inability to work for a large portion of the summer season (May-August) would lend itself to part-time rather than a full-time hire. 

Possibility of full-time employment beyond the summer. 

Next Steps  

Please submit your resume and a brief cover letter to Due to the volume of applications, we can't guarantee a response to all queries.


*Tombolo is an American resortwear brand founded by Chris Galasso and Mike Sard that launched in July 2018. Tombolo’s mission is to rescue the tropical shirt from touristy kitsch and establish it as the ultimate wearable form of self-expression. You can find examples of our products and our nostalgic aesthetic at or 

*Quaker Marine Supply is a heritage men’s apparel company established in 1949 focusing on nautically-inspired clothing and accessories. The brand’s most famous customer was outdoorsman and author Ernest Hemingway, who was photographed extensively wearing Quaker Marine Supply’s hats. Quaker Marine Supply closed its doors in 2011 due to a factory fire. Today it has been revived by veteran retailer Kevin McLaughlin (founder of J. McLaughlin). You can learn more at 

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