Boston Whaler ® is our most buoyant partnership yet-- unsinkable, in fact, and famously so. Since the 1950s, The Unsinkable Legend™ has been integral to countless memories on the water. Among them are some of our own: Tombolo grew up with Boston Whalers and learned to love the water from the faded Whaler Blue deck of a 1974 13' Sport.

We designed the collection in close collaboration with the Boston Whaler team.

The eight unique pieces of ‘escapewear’ celebrate the ultimate escape vehicles and the richness of the memories they forge.

The garments borrow design cues from the world of Boston Whaler®, including the iconic hull stripe, zigzag canvas stitching, stopper knots, current gelcoat colors, and, of course, the famous harpoon logo.

They use nostalgic silhouettes and fabrics from the '50s, '60s and '70s when Boston Whaler was rapidly ascending to its now legendary status among boaters worldwide.

During those early years, founder Dick Fisher famously sawed his 13-foot Whaler in half and motored around in the aft portion to prove his unsinkable claim to be true. A 1961 spread in Life Magazine featuring one of his sawed-off boats vaulted the company into the national spotlight.

Speaking of the unparalleled resilience of these boats, there’s actually a ninth piece in the collection. It’s hiding in plain sight: the boat in the photoshoot.

As part of the collaboration, we rescued a 1960s Nauset from a yard on Shelter Island. It features in our photoshoot completely unrestored (of course, it still floats despite years unused). We have something special planned for this classic boat, which we'll reveal next year....

Stay tuned for our answer to the question: ‘What happens when a clothing brand that’s barely afloat meets an Unsinkable Legend™️?’

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