New York City Department of Sanitation x Tombolo

Read about the inspiration for the collaboration capsle and the surprising and remarkable history of the DSNY.

Tombolo Loves Le Sirenuse

Escape to Positano with our Le Sirenuse collaboration and learn about the history of the hotel.

Tombolo for Arctic Ice Project

In March 2022, Tombolo launched a spicy, icy shirt. We donated 100% of launch month sales to Arctic Ice Project.

Learn more about their innovative plan to protect the Arctic and help tackle climate change:

Love Letter to a Good Cap

Tombolo's Tropical Millinery™ brings you a series of carefully considered souvenir caps. Because no garment is more beloved-- or more prominently visible -- than a favorite cap...

Rachel Sard x Tombolo

Quite the collaboration: an artist, a canvas, two shirts, a charity and a solo show. Read about how it came together and formed the basis of our Artist Residency Program.

Memories from Montauk

Take a ride with us on a day out in Montauk in Spring 2020.