Like a cactus (but less prickly), Tombolo does best in direct sunlight. In fact, Tombolo wouldn’t exist at all if not for the sunny days that make us crave beach jaunts and barbecues. All of this begs the question, shouldn’t Tombolo make sunglasses? Enter Lesca Lunetier…

Lesca celebrates its 60th anniversary this year as Tombolo enters its sixth. We loved working with this family-owned Parisian business to bring to life a limited edition series of sunglasses that fuse 1960s Paris with 2020s New York.

We admire Lesca’s ability to balance a reverence for the past with a modern sensibility.

Lesca Lunetier learned long ago what we thought when we first admired our spectacular physique in the mirror: chunky is best! Lesca’s chunky, acetate frames draw inspiration from the creative energies unleashed in France during the 1950s and 1960s.

Its styles have the heft and confidence that so many modern sunglasses lack.

Joël Lesca set up shop in the Secrétan quarter of Paris in 1964. He embraced the use of cellulose acetate, a then-new material.

From the beginning, Lesca prioritized bold, statement-making frames that showcased the unique qualities of acetate.

Joël's sons, Mathieu and Bertrand, grew up surrounded by the craft. They have taken their father's passion for innovation and respect for the past even further. Through their upcycling program, they source and reuse vintage acetate to create unique, limited-edition colorways for their frames.

These one-of-a-kind colors, often no longer in production, contribute to the distinctive character of the Lesca brand.

The Largo model, which we chose for our collaboration, is one of Lesca's most iconic silhouettes. The frame is made by fusing two pieces of upcycled acetate: a flat black on the outside and horn-swirl on the inside.

Each of the 210 limited edition frames is individually numbered with an engraving.

To celebrate the launch, we photographed eight friends scattered among Paris and New York wearing the Lesca Lunetier x Tombolo Largos.

These sunglasses are a universally flattering shape and a lifelong keepsake. They're the perfect choice for anywhere the sun shines.