The HBO® Original Sopranos and Tombolo go together like gabagool and cigars. It's a match made in heaven - one that fills us with lustful longing akin to Tony's for Dr. Melfi. The 15-piece collection is a celebration of the engrossing and oddly-satisfying world of The Sopranos that so many of us have come to cherish down to the most minute detail.

The culmination of the partnership was the opportunity to shoot the collection on cast member Drea de Matteo in New York. Drea brought Big Sopranos Energy (BSE) to the shoot and was styled to the nines as if she were the gangster (not the gangster's girlfriend).

She wears very feminine form fitting outfits in the show; in our campaign, she is styled in masculine, oversized, and dominant looks. We hope customers and fans enjoy wearing the collection as much as we did making it.

Tombolo has always used clothing as canvases for story-telling. No television show does this better than The Sopranos where costume design paints a picture of an 'ugly-beautiful' suburban America in transition. Early '00s track-suits and slacks meet pinky rings and suspenders that harken back to the golden age of the American mafia. Besides being integral to storytelling, the clothing in The Sopranos is also downright fun with a surprisingly current appeal.

Tombolo endeavored to do the same with the collaboration capsule, leaning into the distinctive Sopranos aesthetic and exploring the most poignant symbols of the show like ducks, racehorses, and, of course, gabagool -- all infused with a bit of escapist Tombolo flavor. And of course, no capsule collection would be complete without references to the show's iconic establishments, Bada Bing!, Satriale's, and Vesuvio...

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