... and why we choose them.

Our designs may be carefree, but we're very serious about the materials we choose to make them. We carefully select for sustainability, appearance and performance. And we're always trying to improve.

Below is an overview of the materials that comprise the vast majority of the products we offer.

Organic Cotton Terry Cloth

Sustainability: We selected organic cotton because it requires significantly less water to grow than conventional cotton and ensures no herbicides or pesticides harm the environment and workers. 

Appearance: The textural terry loops give it a feathered, plush look. 

Performance: Cotton terry does not wrinkle because it’s a knit fabric with natural stretch. It's extremely absorbent and breathable. 

Care: Machine wash in cold water and hang dry or tumble dry on low

See our cabanas collection to shop organic cotton terry.


Sustainability: Tencel™ is made from wood fiber. It requires less energy and water to produce than cotton. It is also biodegradable and the solvents used in its production are run closed loop so there is virtually no waste. Learn more here.

Appearance: Tencel™ has a drapey, lustrous and silky appearance well-suited to Hawaiian shirts. 

Performance: Tencel™ offers all the visual appeal of silk without the drawbacks: it is wrinkle-resistant, breathable and machine-washable. It's pretty much a dream come true!

Care: Machine wash in cold water and hang dry or tumble dry on low.

See our Hawaiians collection to shop Tencel™.


Sustainability: Linen, which comes from the flax plant, grows with just rainwater (no irrigation), and does not need pesticides in most cases. It's completely biodegradable. 

Appearance: The oldest known fabric, linen has an open, porous weave and an earthy, relaxed appeal. 

Performance: We selected a wrinkle-resistant weight and weave to ensure our linen shirts travel well. Linen is breathable and naturally anti-bacterial. 

Care: Machine wash in cold water and hang dry or tumble dry on low

See our cabanas collection and solids collection to shop linen. 

Recycled Polyester

Sustainability: Recycled polyester is fabricated by processing used plastic into fibers for fabric production. It makes use of non-biodegradable material that would otherwise go to a landfill. 

Appearance: Recycled polyester has a tight weave with a matte surface. 

Performance: Recycled polyester is wrinkle-resistant, quick drying and easy to clean. There is no noticeable difference in performance with polyester made from virgin plastic.  

Care: Rinse or machine wash in cold water and hang dry.

See our swim collection to shop recycled polyester

At the end of the day,

we’re cognizant that the most sustainable thing any clothing brand can do is to not exist in the first place. We approach our material selection and other sustainability efforts from a place of humility, figuring out how we can reduce our negative impact even if we’ll never achieve perfection. To help offset our impact further, we have joined 1% for the Planet.