"Drea de Matteo stars in a new campaign for Tombolo’s collection in celebration of the sustaining legacy of what many consider to be the greatest TV series of all time, The Sopranos."

"Pretty soon, the smell becomes clear, there’s a booth set up with an old man hand-rolling cigars for people. Next to him, people in undershirt tank tops are pulling from a box of cigarettes and smoking away. "

"... this was one of the most genuinely fun parties I’ve ever attended. Guests actually gabbed in the steam room, and there’s something weirdly democratizing about being forced to wear matching terrycloth white slippers. It was a rare gathering that felt like you could actually feet people — I mean, meet people."

"Existing online, as well as selling at pop-ups and events across the city to Montauk and beyond... Tombolo recently opened their first permanent, brick-and-mortar home. The store (which used to be Nolita Chemists) is also an event space and gallery, which the brand’s lighthearted nature permeates."

"The company recently opened a flagship store in a former pharmacy on Mott Street on NYC’s Lower East Side. The shop brings the Tombolo spirit alive with walls of taxidermied fish, palm tree lamps..."

"To pay homage to the people that keep NYC clean, safe and healthy, the designers teamed up with the DSNY on a collection that celebrates essential workers and recontextualizes the DSNY’s aesthetic hallmarks..."

"If he's more into the fishing aesthetic than spending long hours in a tiny, tippy boat, he'll consider Tombolo's green-and-cream angler Cabana Shirt a great catch."

"Sherald is acclaimed for paintings of Black Americans at leisure that achieve the authority of landmarks in the grand tradition of social portraiture – a tradition that for too long excluded the Black men, women, and families whose lives have been inextricable from the narrative of the American experience."

“To celebrate, Le Sirenuse collaborated with Tombolo on a collection that combines laid-back New York ease with the quintessential Amalfi Coast motifs that the hotel is known for: mythical sirens, red and white stripes, and the color palette of the scenic Positano coastline.”

"Over in Colorado’s Telluride, the Rocky Mountains city allows Stewart to show off more of her personal style. Styled by Tara Swennen, the film star wore a relaxed button-down cabana top from Tombolo... The camp shirt, one of summer's must-have items, has a dressy feel with its jacquard fabric and black linen details."

"But everybody—and I really do mean 'everybody'—can enjoy the simple pleasures of a terrycloth top with a fish on it... It's chill and comfy and just a little bit cheeky, but not so off-kilter that it starts to veer into 'Fun Shirt Guy' territory."

"The designers decided to divide profits from the two shirts... between an oceanic and an arboreal cause... The blue polo's proceeds will go to Oceanic Global and proceeds from the green shirts will go towards protecting the Amazon rainforest, split evenly between Amazon Watch and Rainforest Trust.”

"In a shirt so soft you it'll make your coziest sweats feel like your stiffest jeans by comparison—accessorized with some not-so-subtle hints of gold jewelry—Jay-Z models the type of relaxed elegance you'd expect to see from an artist, not unlike his wife, with nothing left to prove and no one to best but himself. And shit, man, if Jay's cosign isn't enough of a justification to cop what in the hell is?"

"When it comes to swimwear, guys need a sturdy fabric that performs well in the water, dries quickly out of it, and still looks appropriate if you want to venture off the beach for a negroni. Tombolo achieved exactly that, with an easy, not-too-tailored cut, coupled with its delightfully kitsch and modern flair."

"Tombolo became the hottest shirt of summer after only being in the market for less than a year ... Today, the brand rolls out quilted jackets embellished with Tombolo-esque motifs, with quilted bucket hats to match."

"The cult-favorite brand Tombolo has released a new collection of lightweight quilted jackets just in time for the holiday season."

"Taking inspiration from old movies, resort photos from the ‘50s and ‘60s, and their own digital archive of vintage Hawaiian shirts, Galasso and Sard launched Tombolo with a small collection of soft, unisex shirts in muted color-block or sun-faded, vintage-style prints."

"Anyone can look good in these shirts, and there's something about them that turns heads. Maybe it's that you can tell their vibe is new and fresh. Maybe it's that piping that makes you pause. Or maybe it's simply because it's a shirt that, no matter who's looking at you, is going to spark a "Where'd you get that?" It's hard to bring people together these days. I'm not mad at the thought of a shirt doing its small part."

"The duo of short-sleeved shirts come complete with a combination Tombolo's street-to-beach style and the impressively chic design Neelen has brought to her Hôtel Magique brand—which is not an actual hotel, but is made to remind you of how you feel at one."

"Wonderfully ironic, once-kitsch, and currently the hottest shirt of the summer."

"Tombolo’s designs have found the perfect median between whimsy, vintage, cool, and modern—no easy feat when you think of honoring such iconic garb."

"Tombolo takes all of summer's favorite subjects—fish, crustaceans, gators, flamingos—and deploys them in bold, can't-not-notice fashion."

"But there’s one brand dedicated exclusively to giving the tropical island shirt a fresh, new, nongendered narrative with its original artwork and flair of styling. We’re talking about Tombolo, the Brooklyn-based brand rescuing the Hawaiian shirt from the kitschy, ironical clothing category."