Ah, there you are, mon petit chou.

Allow us to pull up a chair for you and give you a tall pour of wine...

It's story time on Orchard Street.

Pierre Moulin moved to New York City from Paris on what he thought was a three month vacation. Two months later, he was out of money, bartending, and had no intention of leaving his new home.

Pierre committed to his dream of opening a restaurant after he nearly lost his life in a motorcycle accident. It took him years of saving tip money bartending before he could afford to buy Le French Diner.

Le French is a 20 seat jewel nestled behind an unassuming, dilapidated facade on Orchard Street. It's an authentic and irresistible sliver of Paris in the LES.

When you're in the tiny space, you feel the heat from the stove. Pierre presides over it all, ensuring your cup never runs empty. You fill your belly with steak and gratin dauphinois and linger as long as possible in the cozy, familiar room.

Our shirt pays homage to our friend Pierre and our favorite restaurant in New York City.

When Pierre opened Le French, he didn't have enough money to redo the signage so he kept it as it was left by the previous owner, adopting the text as his own. We fell in love with Le French Diner’s simple yet idiosyncratic awning (and its solitary lowercase 'i') and incorporated it into our design.

We will be the first to admit: our shirt will never look as good as Le French's food tastes.

And, unfortunately -- no -- we can't promise you a table.