Take a deep breath and dive into our third, limited-edition collaboration with Hôtel Magique. Founded by Bali-based, Dutch artist Milou Neleen, Hôtel Magique captures the romance of travel with seemingly effortless, nostalgic designs.

We met our friend Milou back in 2018 when she was passing through New York City. Tombolo was still in its infancy then, and Milou braved the dusty labyrinth leading to our poorly-heated first office in Brooklyn. Since then, we have produced three limited edition capsules together, each inspired by the sensation that comes from a trip to paradise.

For our third collaboration with Hôtel Magique, we've designed three sets of three items apiece, each dedicated to a water sport: diving, scuba and waterskiing. It’s a nod to both brands' fondness for memories formed in connection with the water and the tangible immediacy of those special moments.

For those who are curious, we put together a brief history of each water sport that inspired a set.


Diving, in its decorative, acrobatic form, known as ‘fancy diving,’ originated in Europe as a competitive sport in the late 19th century. Requiring elegance and precision, the sport was created as a diversion for gymnasts.

Cliff diving, on the other hand, provides the allure and thrill of extreme sport without the strict requirement of extensive training. Cliff diving dates back centuries, and was a popular recreational activity amongst the Mayan population.

Alternatively, a poolside diving board is the easiest form, topping out at a towering height of 2 feet. It’s more Tombolo’s speed and one of our favorite, languorous activities.


By the turn of the twentieth century, two basic architectures for underwater breathing apparatus had been created, allowing adventurers to explore the deep blue.

In 1921, Harry Houdini invented a diver’s suit inspired by his fascination with escape stunts and allowed divers to quickly and safely get out of it while underwater.

In 1942, during the German occupation of France, Jacques Cousteau and Émile Gagnan designed the first successful and safe open-circuit scuba, a twin hose system known as the Aqua-Lung.

Cheers Houdini and Cousteau - we'd happily do some scuba with you!

Water Ski

For our less adventurous, perhaps more athletic friends, zip up the life jacket and throw on some water skis. 100 years ago Ralph Samuelson was the first to gracefully glide over the water and minted the sport we know and love today.

Later, in the 40s and 50s, water skiing gained national interest when famed promoter Dick Pope opened a water-skiing theme park, using exciting imagery to get people to try it out. If you’re up for it, or if convention isn't your thing, you can attempt Dick’s unique technique: barefoot water skiing. No skis required!

Or, if you’re like us, you may just want to sit back and offer words of encouragement.

Want to plan a visit to Hôtel Magique? Us too! Sadly it’s not in the cards. Hôtel Magique is no ordinary hotel. It will not appear on any maps because it exists only in Milou’s imagination. From her adoptive home of Bali, Milou has let her creativity run wild as she builds Hôtel Magique brick by brick in her mind’s eye. Along the way, she has begun actually making all of the associated ephemera and accoutrements for this fictitious hotel - dinnerware, towels, uniforms, and so on. We’re happy to be a part of this magical, imaginary world.

Take the plunge and dive into the entire Hôtel Magique x Tombolo collaboration below.