Tombolo collaborated with the NYC-based artist Rachel Sard in the Fall of 2021. We commissioned two works and teamed up to transform them into wearable art that can fulfill your fishiest fantasies. The collaboration culminated with Tombolo hosting a solo show for Rachel's art in NYC.

A canvas, a shirt, and a charity

For the 'Fish of Alcazar' shirt, we commissioned a painting and did our best to transform Rachel's canvas into a digitally engineered shirt that mirrored the painting perfectly.

For the 'Pescheria' cabana, it was the opposite approach: Rachel conceptualized and created artwork that she felt was quintessentially Tombolo, intended as a repeating pattern from the outset.

Collaborating for a cause

We also purchased and auctioned off 'The Fish of Alcazar IV' for charity.

We sent the $4000 of proceeds from the painting along with an additional donation of our own to Riverkeeper, New York's clean water advocate since 1966, protecting and restoring the Hudson from source to sea.

In mid-November, the collaboration finally came to life as we hosted a solo exhibition and launch event for Rachel Sard's paintings in Manhattan.

The shirts were also available for purchase and the 'Fish of Alcazar IV' painting was up for auction.

Pioneering a new program

Our collaboration with Rachel Sard was the model for a new program that we launched in February 2022: The Tombolo Artist Residency Program, where emerging artists apply and the winner collaborates with us in a similar format to how Rachel Sard x Tombolo took shape.

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