Tombolo Artist Residency Program 2022



The Tombolo Artist Residency is your opportunity to collaborate with Tombolo: we will design shirts based on your artwork as you work towards a solo exhibition that we host in New York City. The 4-month residency includes free studio space in Williamsburg, marketing exposure via Tombolo’s channels, the creation of two unique Tombolo shirts, stipend for art supplies, and culminates in a solo show where Tombolo will take 0% commission. 

The Tombolo Artist Residency is our love letter to emerging artists everywhere. We want to create something wonderful together.

The application opens February 15th, 2022 and closes end of February. APPLICATION DETAILS AT BOTTOM OF PAGE.


The Artist will be provided with 4+ months of free studio space from April through at least August 2022; using this space is optional and the artist can remain in their studio or do the residency remotely if preferred. The Artist is encouraged to use this time to create work for a solo show to take place in New York City in mid-October 2022. During the residency, we will design two shirts together (one based on an existing artwork and one newly commissioned).

What you can expect from Tombolo

  • Free Studio Space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn for duration of residency (usage is optional)
  • A solo exhibition show (likely in Manhattan) hosted by Tombolo as the gallerist with 0% commission taken
  • Materials and other expenses stipend ($500 per month for four months)
  • Mentorship from the Tombolo Founders
  • Tombolo will spearhead creative development of the shirts and handle all production
  • Exposure and promotion of the collaboration at the exhibition, on social, and website
  • Tombolo’s PR team will help promote the collaboration

What Tombolo can expect from you:

  • Artist to showcase a body of work at the exhibition at the end of the residency in their preferred medium
  • Artist to deliver two shirt designs created in collaboration with the Tombolo team:
    • One shirt design will be completed in the first month based on an existing work by the artist. This shirt will proceed to production immediately and be available for sale at the time of the exhibition (six months after residency start date).
    • The second shirt will be designed from scratch based on a new artwork. The shirt may or may not be physically available at the solo show depending on the timing; more likely, it will be a made-to-order preorder at the time of the solo show. That new artwork will be displayed alongside a sample of the matching shirt at the exhibition. Artist will allow Tombolo to acquire that painting in exchange for services rendered in hosting the exhibition; Tombolo will, in turn, auction off the painting with all proceeds supporting a mutually selected charity
  • Tombolo will have the right to use these artworks to make these clothing items and the rights to sell these items. 
  • Artist to assist in creating a small installment in a section of the Tombolo NYC retail store to accompany the shirts sold on site (TBC pending site specifics and space available). 
  • Artist to self-install works at exhibition and is expected to collaborate on the event planning, invitations, and be present for the duration of the show as well as the five days leading up to it to help prepare.
  • The artist's body of work must be present in NYC for the show; if an artist is conducting the residency remotely, they will have to handle logistics and costs of getting their work to NYC for the show. 

Who Tombolo Is Looking For

  • The Tombolo artist has a unique creative vision and the strong work ethic needed to bring it to life. 
  • The artist’s medium must be translatable onto a shirt. 
  • Social following is nice to have, but not mandatory. But artist must have Instagram and should be comfortable creating content for social media including documenting their creative process.
  • Artist's presence in NYC is a plus but is not required. Presence in NYC for the 5 days leading up to the solo show and the show itself is required. While Tombolo is providing a studio space, stipend and 100% of sales from the exhibition, Tombolo does not currently offer housing. Applicants from outside of New York City would need to secure and finance their own housing solution.
  • Artist should enjoy the Tombolo aesthetic: playful, nostalgic, kinky and vibrant. Loose, breezy, and soft to the touch. Our clothing is designed to transport the wearer to a different time, place or state of mind. 
FEB 15: Application opens
March 1: Application closes
MARCH 8-13: Finalists have been chosen and contacted
MARCH 13-21: Finalist interviews (1-2 rounds), winner chosen
APRIL 11: Studio Start Date*
APRIL: Kickoff Meeting
LATE APRIL: First Mock Ups for Shirt 1 based on existing work / Initial Concepts for artwork for Shirt 2 Delivered
EARLY JUNE: Deadline for delivery of final artwork for Shirt 2
END OF AUGUST: End of formal residency
SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER: Continued access to studio if desired (stipend ends after four months)
MID-OCTOBER: Solo Exhibition 



Tombolo is a NYC-based brand that launched in 2018 that makes escapewear for everywhere. With original artwork and kinky, nostalgic flair, we want our clothing to be the ultimate wearable form of self-expression. For everyone: male or female, beach or bar, rain or shine. And everything in between. Tombolo has enjoyed working with a roster of talented roster artists since day one and is excited to formalize this collaborative approach and elevate emerging artists more than ever before.

You can learn more about Tombolo across this website. You can also click to learn more about previous artist collaborations with Rachel Sard, Amber Vittoria, Ana Leovy, and Milou Neelen.


Applications open Feb 15th and close March 1st. During that span, to apply, please email with the following:

In the body of the email, please include
Full Name

Please attach a word doc or PDF to the email with the following:
(B) First page of the document is your CV
(C) Your responses to the following:

(1) Your Instagram, Website
(2) Please tell us a little bit about yourself, your work, and why you are interested in this residency (250 words or less).
(3) Describe your dream 50th birthday party OR your most cherished article of clothing (100 words or less). 
(4) Will you be based in NYC for some/most/all of the residency April-August? Will you be utilizing the studio space? Are you available on the proposed dates of the exhibition? (100 words or less).
(5) 3-4 Artworks that best describe your current practice:

Image, Title, Size, Medium, Price (can link to them externally and/or include jpgs in body of word doc).

Due to the volume of applications, we cannot guarantee a personal response to every submission. Finalists will be informed via email between March 1st and March 13th.



So what are you waiting for? Apply! We hope to see you in April!