'What does a Hawaiian shirt company make in the winter?'

Meet Tombolo's quilted Jackets

A new breed altogether that only sees its distant, square- and diamond-quilted relatives at Thanksgiving dinner.

Lobsters, scallops, dogs, and ducks are the shapes that inhabit these jackets. 

His and Hers

Our jackets are unisex just like our shirts. A couple can share one jacket, especially since the cuffs are designed to be rolled up when women wear the jacket oversized. 

Pick Your Poison

We offer four colorways that range from neutral to exotic, depending on your mood. 

Recycled Poly Down

Washable, lightweight, and extremely warm insulation by Sugenro ®. A down jacket with ducks on it, instead of in it. 

Crustacean Insulation

Just as beautiful on the inside.