Welcome to grandad's seaside cottage. What's that in his closet? Don't be shy, let's play dress-up. In an age of minimalist activewear, Tombolo brings you maximalist inactivewear. 

'His and Hers Souvenirs'

With original artwork and kinky, nostalgic flair, we want our clothing to be the ultimate wearable form of self-expression. For everyone: Male or female, beach or bar, rain or shine. And everything in between.

'Old Pals'

Tombolo’s founders, Mike and Chris, grew up together in New York City and have been friends since they were six. They try their best to adhere to the office dress code of 'mustachioed sleazeball chic.'

'Not Just Fun & Games'

Our designs may be lighthearted and carefree, but our commitment to meaningful causes - both humanitarian and environmental - is quite serious! This commitment is underscored by our memberships in 1% for the Planet and $1 for the People.

And in case you were wondering...

Tombolo (noun)
tom·​bo·​lo | \ ˈtōm-bə-ˌlō

Italian, from Latin tumulus mound, tumulus

A bar or spit of sand connecting what would otherwise be an island to the mainland. We're the bridge to your happy place.

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