Tombolo Customer Relations Manager

'Tombolo Customer Relations Manager' (Manhattan, NY)

Tombolo is hiring a ‘Customer Relations Manager based out of New York City. We are looking for an individual who is passionate about enriching the customer experience via seamless and thoughtful service. The candidate should have excellent written, verbal and interpersonal skills, along with a passion for creative problem solving. 

Start Date: As soon as immediately / flexible

Location: Hybrid arrangement: Tombolo’s Soho office & remote.  The candidate will start half remote / half in office with the opportunity to transition to a bigger proportion remote over time.

Schedule: Full-time role, but we will also consider those looking for ‘almost-full-time’ work. 1 or partial weekend day(s) may be required.

Salary: Competitive salary.


 The ideal candidate must:

  • have at least an undergrad degree
  • have experience/aptitude in customer service (in an e-commerce context in particular is a plus)
  • have excellent writing and verbal skills
  • be a proactive self-starter
  • live and breathe the Tombolo brand
  • be a logical thinker with attention to detail, yet…
  • …think creatively and flexibly, able to jump between complex situations and projects 
  • willing to get their hands dirty: does not have the ‘but that’s not my job!’ impulse
  • have a passion for dealing with people and problem-solving
  • have an ability to take initiative and multi-task
  • have a strong sense of urgency and compassion when dealing with client issues

It would be a plus if the candidate:

  • has 1-3 years of work experience in relevant field(s) / area(s), i.e. customer service, e-commerce, apparel
  • has experience with relevant applications, i.e. Yotpo, Gorgias, and Shopify 
  • is passionate about clothing 
  • has experience working as a part of a small team 


All of these skills will support the following responsibilities:

Customer service:

  • You will spearhead Tombolo’s customer service via our platform Gorgias, and this will flow into liaising with our third-party logistics warehouse to ensure optimal customer experience.
  • Tombolo’s customer service mantra is to treat our customers like we treat our friends (i.e., no deadlines and discounts to trick them into purchasing, no ‘the policy is 30 days for a return and it’s day 38! Sorry!’). It might be UPS’ fault if a package is going to miss Father’s Day, but that’s no excuse not to bend over backwards to do what we can to ensure they get their gift in time.
  • Customer service is incredibly strategic and not something to be outsourced or disregarded. It’s our opportunity to present the best of Tombolo to customers, whether it be our environmentally conscious materials and commitments to environmental and social causes, or our friendly and self-deprecating brand tone. 
  • You will be an integral part of the relationship with our third-party logistics company that handles all storage and order fulfillment. This dovetails with customer service, as it entails the back-end of many customer inquiries regarding their order status, delays, lost shipments, item changes, preorder management, etc.
  • You will be tasked with escalating stock, product, logistics issues and emergencies to team members
  • You will maintain shipping claims records for lost / missing customer packages and be the liaison to our reverse logistics / returns solutions and software.

Loyalty and customer engagement:

  • You will also have a hand in the day-to-day workings and long-term development of Tombolo’s digital loyalty program.
  • You will work on best leveraging user-generated content to build customer enthusiasm and retention.  

Customer Experience Reporting: 

  • Tombolo believes that customer service is one of our very best opportunities to stay close to the customer and understand potential issues and pain points; to that end, you will pursue project-based work, i.e. compiling reports on trends and customers.
  • Everything from an uptick in returns of a particular item that might connote a production or sizing issue to a deeper customer analysis or loyalty platform usage statistics. 


Company Perks + Quirks

  • Competitive salary
  • Unlimited paid vacation days. Tombolo believes in transporting customers to their ideal state of mind and that is true for employees too. Tombolo offers unlimited paid vacation days (with advance notice), and encourages a balanced work-life experience with an emphasis on results rather than a rigid commitment to hours spent in the office. We want you to embrace healthful and inspiring priorities outside of work. In addition, you are encouraged to spend two days per year volunteering, which will be paid absences. (Not applicable for hourly / non-full-time arrangements). 
  • Wellness / fitness benefits
  • Product benefits: i.e., stipend of monthly free product.  

Next Steps 

  • Email with your resume and cover letter 
  • Applications will be assessed on a rolling basis as we attempt to fill the role expediently. Due to the volume of applications, we cannot guarantee a personal response.


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Tombolo is an apparel company creating ‘inactivewear’ for leisurely escapes. Tombolo’s signature product is the ‘cabana shirt.’ Tombolo is carefree and irreverent, but with a focus on sustainable materials and supporting artists and environmental/social causes. Founded in NYC in 2018. Learn more on Tombolo’s website.

399 W Broadway
New York, NY, 10012
Posted 08-14-2023