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VOGUE : "This Brand Is Bringing Back the 'Golden Era' of Hawaiian Shirts" 

March 11, 2019 

By Emily Farra 

Michael Sard and Chris Galasso joked that they started the research for their new line of Hawaiian shirts, Tombolo, back in junior high. “We became obsessed with Hawaiian shirts before we were even teenagers,” Galasso says. The actual business plan came together a bit more recently, and the idea was simple: to “rescue the Hawaiian shirt from touristy kitsch.” Sure, Hawaiian shirts have been elevated by trendsetting menswear designers in recent years... (READ MORE)


L'Officiel : "Unisex Brand Tombolo Is Redefining the Art of Hawaiian Shirt-Making"

March 19, 2019 

By Tanya Akim

What is your favorite styling for a Tombolo piece?

Our abiding rule is that there are no rules when it comes to wearing a Hawaiian. It’s all about having fun and not taking yourself too seriously. That said, if you’re first dipping your toes into the world of Hawaiians, a good starting point for guys is to pair the shirt with simple, solid shorts or pants. Let the print do the talking! If you want to look like an irresistibly laid back, retro loaf, go up a size larger and let it hang off your shoulders with the sleeves dusting your elbows.

As a male-founded company, we are always happily awed by the inventive ways women style our shirts. It’s fun to see women pick up colors from the print in accessories like their earrings and sunglasses, making a wildly colorful yet cohesive whole. A tried and true classic is with vintage jeans or a short skirt... (READ MORE)


VOGUEWORLD : "Spring Break Forever! Shop the Best Vacation Style From Around the Globe"

March 21, 2019

By Sophie Kemp and Anny Choi

Picture this: In a few weeks, you’re sitting on a beach in Bali or walking around the streets of Tokyo. Spring break is on the horizon, and with any travel plans comes an equally exciting chance to upgrade your wardrobe. It might be time to grab a brand-new swimsuit to sun in or a pair of comfy and cool sneakers to hike around an unknown city... (READ MORE)


The Fashion Spot: "Dad Vacation Wear Just Got The Fashion Girl Makeover"

April 11th, 2019

By Ujjainee Roy

The Hawaiian shirt is now the coolest anti-trend pick of the season — Justin Bieber can testify. But there’s one brand dedicated exclusively to giving the tropical island shirt a fresh, new, nongendered narrative with its original artwork and flair of styling. We’re talking about Tombolo, the Brooklyn-based brand rescuing the Hawaiian shirt from the... (READ MORE)


Vogueworld: “How to Shop Spring’s Most Exciting Trends For Under $250”

April 27, 2019

By: Madeline Fass

At long last, spring is here! For many of us, that means it’s finally (finally!) our chance to wear the pieces we’ve spent the past six months thinking about. If you’re looking for something a little kitschy, though—or at least something that isn’t already in your closet—consider one of our wildcard picks. Even if you can’t take a vacation this spring, you can at least dress the part. From sunsets to sea creatures and classic hibiscus florals, these tropical motifs are a fresh alternative to your usual florals. (Pina colada not included!) … (READ MORE)


Travel+Leisure: “This Vacation Wardrobe Classic Is Making a Surprising Comeback”

May 1, 2019

By: Monica Mendal

When a Hawaiian shirt comes to mind, a visual of your dad at a summer barbeque with a larger-than-life grin on his face likely follows. But no matter what sort of kitschy references a short-sleeved, tropical-printed top resurfaces for you, it unequivocally evokes a carefree spirit — the Hawaiian shirt is the ultimate symbol of vacation. For many seasons, menswear designers have introduced modern versions of the trend, and now even womenswear designers have started catching on, making a strong case for everyone to try out this warm-weather staple. Brands like Tombolo are reimagining the classic Hawaiian top, thoughtfully considering print and fit for both men and women. Tombolo has even collaborated with artists to give the shirts an authentic edge…. (READ MORE)


VANITY FAIR : “Beach Vacation Accessories in Summer’s Chicest Shades”

May 24, 2019

Riviera blues! Pastel sunsets! Bask in summer’s happiest hues, from Riviera turquoises to sunset sorbets. … (READ MORE)


WHO WHAT WEAR : “21 Pieces That Made It From the Black Hole Known as My Shopping Cart to Checkout”

May 31, 2019

By: Nicole Kliest

Letting fashion items I'm lusting after pile up in my shopping cart is a professional hazard at this point. After all, I spend a huge part of my day as a fashion writer discovering new brands, looking at fresh arrivals, and deciphering which pieces are worth investing in. This summer I've invested in a variety of pieces that range from closet staples to trendy statement pieces. There are linen tops, splashes of tie-dye, beautiful handmade jewelry, sleek sandals, and even a Hawaiian shirt that would make your dad proud. My favorite way to style this Hawaiian shirt is with the buttons left undone, a bikini top, and linen shorts. … (READ MORE)


VOGUE: “This Father’s Day, Take the Dads in Your Life to the Beach”

June 6, 2019 

By: Sophie Kemp

Edited by: Anny Choy

Father’s Day is coming up fast on June 16, happily falling right around the moment when spring swings into summer. As the day approaches, you might be wondering what to get your partner or your father; chances are, he’ll be grateful for whatever you put your heart into. That being said, Father’s Day might just be the perfect occasion to splurge on something that’s perfect for a day by the sea. …. (READ MORE)


GQ : “Stylish Father’s Day Gifts for All the Cool Dads, Grandpas, and Daddies in Your Life”

June 10th, 2019

By: Megan Gustashaw

There has never been a better time to be shopping for a Father’s Day gift. Between the Hawaiian shirts and the chunky sneakers, the bluetooth speakers and the elevated toothbrushes, it’s almost impossible to get it wrong in 2019. Dads invented the boxy Hawaiian print shirt. They deserve to enjoy the newer, louder, jaguar-print version, too. … (READ MORE)


InsideHook : “NYC’s Vacation-Wear Kings Name Their 7 Men’s Essentials”

June 25th, 2019

By: Shari Gab

Michael Sard and Chris Galasso are the gents behind Tombolo, a Brooklyn-based company that makes truly exceptional vacation shirts. Hot on the heels of their new retail shop at 240 Mulberry St., we caught up with Sard and Galasso to get their take on the seven essentials every man needs. Plus: the seven things that needed to be thrown into the Hudson yesterday. Don’t worry, the Hawaiian shirts you inherited from your old man are most definitely staying…. (READ MORE)



By: Noah Lehava

You can equate it to the hunt for a perfect white tee or a pair of denim that actually fits—finding a modern Hawaiian shirt that’s just right is like finding a sartorial unicorn. Luckily, Mike Sard and Chris Galasso, two friends who’ve known each other since they were six, quit their jobs in political risk assessment and prediction, and crisis public relations, respectively—talk about a career 180—to reimagine the tropical vacation shirt and launch their brand, Tombolo. “The two of us have always been obsessed with the Hawaiian shirt. It was Chris’ go-to uniform for middle school dances!” Sard says of why they decided to pivot into fashion… (READ MORE)


GQ: The 15 Best New Menswear Items to Buy This Week” 

By: The editors of GQ

June 21, 2019

The freshest menswear, sneakers, sunglasses, and more worth your disposable income, handpicked by GQ editors. Embrace summer by literally never buttoning this thing up. —Sam Schube (READ MORE)


Town & Country:  “The Best Men's Linen Shirts” 

By: Lauren Hubbard and Roxanne Adamiyatt 

July 1, 2019

With the temperatures finally rising, it's time to send your fall flannels into hibernation and embrace the breathability of a lighter, breezier fabric—linen. Full of classic glamour and effortless ease, a good linen shirt is a staple of any stylish man's spring and summer wardrobe. Amber Vittoria x Tombolo: Limited Edition isn't technically entirely linen (the collar is), but the epic prints of Tombolo's unisex Hawaiian print shirts are too chic to pass up. Plus, the sign of a good button down is if your partner wants to steal it from you. Which they absolutely will in this case... (READ MORE