Tombolo NYC Retail Associate

'NYC Tombolo Retail Associate' (Manhattan, NY)

 Tombolo is hiring a ‘Retail Associate’ to work in our flagship store at 208 Mott St., NYC. This is a retail associate role with a particular focus on customer service and brick & mortar retail. Competitive salary.

Start Date: As soon as immediately

Employment Type: Full-Time or Part-Time Hourly

The ideal Retail Associate candidate must:

  • be a people person - you love people and enjoy engaging with others and nurturing relationships
  • be reliable and able to communicate effectively
  • be creative with a keen attention to detail – you love fashion, design, art, and travel
  • be eager to learn, contribute and grow – you have a positive attitude and take pride in your work – you don’t have the ‘but that’s not my job!’ impulse
  • be highly organized and tidy
  • be comfortable working weekends
  • be legally allowed to work in the USA

It would be a plus if the Retail Associate candidate:

  • has work experience in fashion, retail or hospitality
  • has a working knowledge of e-commerce retail / Shopify / omni-channel experience
  • has social media expertise
  • has experience working in small teams
  • is already knowledgeable and passionate about all things Tombolo (our clothes, sustainable fashion, artist collabs, and supporting environmental and humanitarian causes)
  • has an aesthetic eye: a distinctive personal style and a knack for cultivating an immersive environment

These skills will support the following responsibilities:

Candidates will personally work the store, overseeing customer service and experienceretailing, and all other store-related operations.

Customer service and experience.  As part of our close-knit team, you will deliver exceptional customer service. You will be hospitable, helpful, and welcoming – ensuring that the Tombolo brand and emotional connection carry across all customer interactions. Tombolo’s customer service mantras are (1) never be a ‘used car salesman’ and (2) treat your customers like you treat your friends. We want all of our visitors to walk out of the store happier than when they walked in - you will take a proactive approach to provide this experience.

Retailing: Brick & Mortar and Omni-Channel.  You will know our product inside and out and will able to communicate in-depth product and brand knowledge to customers. You will foster an immersive, tidy environment that reflects the brand and transports customers to the world of Tombolo. Your professionalism will ensure that the store runs smoothly, always opening on time, always taking care of go-backs promptly, and always providing a seamless purchase process. You will use Shopify to manage point-of-sale checkout as well as tracking inventory to glean sales trends to inform restocks and alterations to merchandizing. You will develop an omni-channel understanding of Tombolo in order to navigate website checkout and shipping if items are unavailable. You will proactively assist with replenishment, visual standards, and operational workload to ensure our flagship store is always looking its best! Tombolo’s artist and product collaborations will have in-store tie-ins: a physical ‘shrine’ showcasing the collaboration as well as an active event and activations calendar. You will assist in all aspects of the physical in-store manifestation of these collaborations and the corresponding programming.



  • On site at 208 Mott Street, Nolita, New York City.
  • Start date is as soon as immediately.
  • Full-time or part-time.
  • Competitive salary.
  • Product benefits (i.e., stipend of monthly free product!)

To apply, please email and CC with your resume and brief cover letter introducing yourself.

Applications will be assessed on a rolling basis as we attempt to fill the role expediently. Due to the volume of applications, we cannot guarantee a personal response.

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Tombolo is an apparel company creating ‘inactivewear’ for leisurely escapes. Tombolo’s signature product is the ‘cabana shirt.’ Tombolo is carefree and irreverent, but with a focus on sustainable materials and supporting artists and environmental/social causes. Founded in NYC in 2018. Learn more on Tombolo’s website.

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Re-Posted January 2024