On certain (hopefully infrequent) occasions, a man is required to wear pants. We designed these to be the only pair you need. 

Meet Tombolo's Traveler Pants

They will serve you equally well, whether it be the snowy curb of JFK, cruising altitude in a cramped cabin, or the humid tropics. 

Carefully Considered Detailing

Staggered tuck pleats give a nostalgic feel. An interior drawstring linked to an elasticized back waistband provides ease and comfort. Real bone buttons and piped side seams are the finishing touches. 


An adjustable cuff converts from relaxed pants to cinched joggers so you have a solution for all occasions. 

Pick Your Poison

Five colorways. Four in a carefully engineered, wrinkle-resistant blend that is weighted to feel good in all climates. One in a luxurious and relaxed natural linen.